Samark Lopez Helps to Transform Venezuela’s Future

Samark Lopez is a leading Venezuelan businessman and philanthropist. Lopez develops innovative businesses, serves his community, and creates respect for people. His vision is bold and courageous, as he is driven to help transform Venezuela by modernizing industry, supporting education and inspiring families. He grew up seeing the negative impact that long-time poverty creates for communities and families. Today this motivates him to bring as much opportunity as he can to his country and its people, by partnering with other businesses in the US, EU and other parts of the world. A family man with a strong faith, Lopez uses his businesses and his private foundations to strengthen families by delivering programs to underserved communities in the areas of education, health, sports and environmental preservation.



I have often asked myself, how do we make Venezuela a better place?  What is the role each of us can play in making an impact in our local communities?  How can one individual make big changes in our country?  

Samark Lopez

Business Leader, Innovator