Samark Lopez is a professional businessman dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions that meet or exceed national and international standards for industrial engineering. Lopez optimizes business services that are cost-effective, performed on time and protective of the environment. He achieves his goal of delivering high quality services in a cost effective manner by nurturing a culture of collaboration, perseverance and teamwork. Lopez values excellence in project management, quality of work results, responsibility of outcomes and commitment to environmental preservation and human capital development.

Lopez has put his professional training in industry to work for Venezuela and for businesses based in other parts of the world through Profit Corporation, CA, and his businesses successes have generated philanthropic benefits. While other local businessmen have ceased operations during difficult times, Lopez remains committed to Venezuela and continues to invest in its development. The positive atmosphere he has created is underscored by his university education and industrial expertise as well as a professionally trained staff that is highly skilled in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, instrumentation, telecommunication, business start-up requirements and both industrial commissioning and pre-commissioning. Lopez earns the trust of clients and partners by seeing that projects are completed with a high level of professional expertise, persistent risk management and firm commitments to clients enforced by comprehensive project management.


Driven by his industrial expertise, Samark Lopez, his business operations and his professional staff work successfully on projects that require multiple professional disciplines. Samark Lopez has created industrial services for domestic and international businesses that require civil engineering, professional procurement and quality construction.

For energy distribution networks and operations with gas, water and mixed pipelines, Lopez specializes in repair, maintenance, installation and replacement. He is well-versed in modification of existing systems using any materials required by his customers. His ability to deliver professional industrial expertise to companies in Venezuela helps build the country’s infrastructure – matching his overall philosophy to make Venezuela better – while the business he conducts internationally creates prosperity that he shares with communities.


As CEO and president, Samark Lopez developed Profit Corporation, CA, into a leader in the Venezuelan energy market in the areas of solutions engineering, procurement and construction. Profit demonstrates Lopez’s commitment to Venezuela at a time when other businesses and leaders have abandoned investment in the country. 

And because Profit relies on corporate values focused on excellence, quality, responsibility and commitment, the company partners worldwide with businesses like Home Depot and GE. Profit completes projects at optimum cost, delivers solutions and preserves the environment. The company achieves this high level of quality because it seeks the best-trained and most highly professional staff. Profit focuses on professional execution in multiple disciplines for the sectors of oil and gas, energy and infrastructure.



Profit excels in the Oil and Gas sector. The company has developed more than 200 kilometers of pipes in the eastern part of Venezuela. Other examples of success include operationalizing a fleet of high-yield machinery to transform complex industrial operations into opportunities for change and development.  Other capabilities include: tanks and spheres, mounting equipment, cleaning/flushing, hydrostatic testing, nondestructive assays, directional drilling, flow stations and flow measurement, pre-commissioning and decommissioning.


Profit provides a wide range of services for the Energy Sector, both in Venezuela and internationally. These systems require strategic planning, skilled installation and professional maintenance. Energy transmission makes development possible at a business, regional and national level. The company’s expertise includes turbogenerators, lines of transmission, power transformers, telecommunications, cathodic protection, automation and control, SCADA System and Fiber Optics.


A service speciality of Profit includes large civil works projects that create long-lasting infrastructure that require multiple industrial services. One example is Soto Ocemi, a project to transmit electric power from a turbogenerator to a substation. It included construction of a series of canals and other infrastructure to make future maintenance and expansion easier. Other capabilities within this service includes earth movement, urbanism, pilotage, railings, bridges, bases and subbases, roadways, drains and hydraulic works and forms in steel or concrete.


In partnership with Home Depot and other building-supply companies, Postar developed a logistics system designed to provide access to dignified housing for people living in poverty. Postar procures building materials and ships them to Venezuela in housing kits with about 160 individual items. Established in 2013, Postar has a modern warehouse, the size of three football fields, where trucks line up for national distribution. Today Postar employs 3,000 people and leads the way as a model for success in private enterprise in Venezuela.


To succeed, companies in the oil, petrochemical and construction industry need a variety of products and solutions. That’s why  Yakima was created in 2002. Its capabilities include professional services – like marketing and logistics for crude oil and its derivatives to maximize the availability of products in terms of time, quality and optimal cost-benefit ratio – as well as the materials and equipment necessary for high-quality prefabricated housing to shelter crews.