A Child of Educators, Samark Lopez Brings Dignity to People

Creates business innovation, delivers community service to help uplift Venezuela

Samark Lopez was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He is the child of two school teachers who dedicated their lives to education. They instilled in Lopez a strong faith, and he remains a devout Catholic. He grew up in the northeastern state of Delta Amacuro in the capital city of Tucupita. The Orinoco River flows through one of the world’s swampiest deltas and empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Lopez reflected throughout his life on the poverty that he saw in Delta Amacuro, one of the poorest regions of Venezuela. Learning that giving back is a model for success in life and business has had a profound impact on him.

I have often asked myself, how do we make Venezuela a better place?

Historically, many people fished in the coastal communities of Delta Amacuro. Since the 1960s, however, changes have led to the cultivation of crops like pineapple, cassava, maize, cacao and bananas on reclaimed land. More recently, oil drilling and mining have become important parts of the state’s economy. Lopez has worked hard to accelerate the transformation and modernization of the energy sector. Throughout his career, Lopez has created innovative businesses, served his community, and gained the respect of his fellow citizens.

Devoted to family, community, employees

Lopez is a devoted husband, father, and son. His mother resides with the family. She is always close by and keeps him grounded and connected to his roots. Lopez credits his wife, his mother, and his fellow employees for his philosophy, and all of his accomplishments. He has been resilient and forward looking, even as he has weathered the challenges of doing business in Venezuela. He draws strength from an unshakeable foundation of community and family.

A vision for starting a business, modernizing the country

Lopez graduated in 1999 from Universidad Central de Venezuela (Central University of Venezuela) with a degree in economics. After graduation, he spent eight years as a city budget planner. Still, Lopez dreamed of starting his own business, and he envisioned modernizing the country’s infrastructure. He took steps toward both when he founded his first company, Sertica, which modernized plants for the nation’s largest steel manufacturer. Thereafter, in 2008, Lopez founded Grupo Sahect, a logistics enterprise created to house food imported by PDVAL to Venezuela and to make distribution to people more effective. Lopez realized that other critical infrastructure needed to be established and modernized.

In 2010, amidst a national energy crisis and related electricity shortages, Lopez purchased Profit Corporation to leverage his experience in providing services, design and implementation of engineering, procurement and construction. His expertise continues to create value for businesses in oil and gas, petrochemicals, electrical distribution and transmission, and public and commercial infrastructure. More importantly, Lopez helped bring power to remote regions and deliver electricity to millions of Venezuelans.

Dignified housing for people in poverty

In 2013, Lopez founded Postar Intertrade Limited to provide low cost housing in Venezuela.  By developing and nurturing international relationships with well-known brands from the US and the EU, Postar has become a leader in this field. Recently, Postar partnered with companies like Home Depot and other building-supply companies. Together, they developed a logistics system designed to provide access to dignified housing for people living in poverty.

Postar has a modern warehouse the size of three football fields, and trucks line up to receive goods for national distribution. Postar continues to grow and has contracts with many Venezuelan government entities and private firms locally and globally. Today Postar employs 3,000 people and leads the way as a model for success in private enterprise in Venezuela. This kind of innovative business practice helps define Lopez as a leader and a socially responsible corporate citizen.