Samark Lopez Invests in Those who Help Others

Samark Lopez always has worked hard and his accomplishments have benefitted many. Leveraging his business expertise to help lift up Venezuela’s communities is a core part of his philosophy. Beyond the positive economic impact to Venezuela created by Lopez through the numerous jobs he provides and the provision of needed infrastructure and products and services from his companies, he invests in those who help others. His philanthropic work increases every year. Lopez has built upon his parents’ legacy of dedication to education by creating The Profit Foundation, which provides regular financial support to benefit at-risk children and currently funds the construction of a Catholic school. 

Healthcare, youth sports are other priority initiatives

Lopez’s actions are examples of Corporate Social Responsibility. His social development projects help communities and provide volunteering opportunities so that people can develop needed skills and improve their overall wellbeing. Some examples include the following:

Lopez makes donations to rural health care centers to improve care for patients. He also provides homes and communities in rural areas of Venezuela thereby helping the development and advancement of local communities.

Children’s Education
Lopez provides curricula, programs, and educational materials to help support the growth of local schools in impoverished areas of Venezuela.

Jobs and Economy
To help foster economic development, Lopez initiates projects that bolster jobs and build stronger communities.

Youth Sports
Through investment in youth sports, Lopez helps the youth of Venezuela – especially at-risk children – become healthier and more active and avoid harmful activities.