Thank you, Yahoo! Finance for sharing my renovations to La Catedral Divina Pastora de Tucupita.

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 1, 2017 / Six months ago, after more than three decades of neglect, La Catedral Divina Pastora faced threat of collapse. As of early December, thanks to the efforts and contributions of Profit Corporation, led by Samark Lopez, the architectural jewel of Tucupita has regained its former splendor, and as a result of impressive new outdoor lights, its magnificent domes can be seen across the city day or night. When he became aware of the building’s critical condition, Lopez, a native to the Delta Amacuro State, instantly recognized the importance of preserving this rich symbol of Venezuelan culture and history.

Translated in English as, “The Cathedral of the Divine Shepherdess,” the landmark was constructed in 1736, and due to its ornate architectural designs, large murals, and intricate stained glass windows, it quickly became recognized as a local and national treasure. In its inauguration, the church was dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and remains as one of the most famous Marian devotions in Venezuela today. As La Catedral Divina Pastora’s services are offered equally to the faithful and the needy, it is an essential pillar of the community where constant missionary and outreach activity take place. However, due to lack of resources for upkeep and maintenance, after thirty years of daily use both the interior and exterior of the building showed signs of severe deterioration, and for safety reasons, the congregation was told the doors would be permanently closed. Upon hearing this news, Samark Lopez, a native to Tucupita who understood the significance of the matter, immediately dedicated the resources of his company, Profit Corporation, to the cathedral’s refurbishment.

The work, which would encompass 1,352 square meters of space, was carried out in three phases. The first phase consisted of restoring the parameters, conducting minor repairs and completely replacing the perimeter lighting system. Then, Lopez’s team continued to clean and maintain the exterior surface of the building, the largest portion of the religious structure. Lastly, the interior of the cathedral was completely restored, including the images and sculptures of Saints, the metal organ and accompanying pipes, the lighting fixtures, and the beautiful mahogany confessional and pews. As a final touch, the worship area was decorated with modern objects, furniture, ornaments, and liturgical objects including a chalice and the books of the Missal. Now that La Catedral Divina Pastora has regained its original grandeur, Lopez hopes to continue to preserve the historical landmark and encourages other entrepreneurs and visionaries to take on active roles in their communities. The generous support of individuals such as Samark Lopez, allows the Cathedral to continue focusing on its mission to help the less fortunate and underserved population.

Inside La Catedral Divina Pastora de Tucupita