Samark Lopez is recently featured in Yahoo! Sports for his donation to impoverished schools.

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / December 8, 2016 / Venezuela’s schools, once the best in South America, have suffered during recent years of economic and social turmoil. As a result, concerned citizens and business leaders like Samark Lopez have dedicated themselves to investing in the educational system and supporting charitable foundations that provide much needed help to schools. In the beginning of October 2016, Lopez, supplied materials to two schools and over 700 children in the first of a series of donations. As the child of two teachers, the entrepreneur and founder of Profit Corporation knows that extending knowledge and availability of education to the country’s youth is imperative to future prosperity.

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The beginning of the academic year is synonymous with anticipation, the reunion of friends, and the procurement and opening of new supplies. However, many children in rural areas of Venezuela are not able to experience that joy. Samark Lopez and the Fundación Educando Niños Felices (FundaFelices) joined the San Marcelino Champagnat School and their launch on October 5, 2016 with 430 kits of book bags, notebooks, crayons, pencils, erasers and other essential items for daily use. Two days later, on October 7th, Lopez and his foundation travelled to Las Casitas de La Vega in Caracas, where 300 more bundles were handed out to basic education students at the Canaima School. During the reception ceremony the children and administrators were all excited, polite and grateful. “We are finally able to color!” one girl exclaimed, overjoyed by her new materials.

The contributions, which exemplified the collaborative spirits of the schools’ management and the local community, are the first steps toward achieving the educational quality the children and adolescents of Venezuela deserve. Maite Ramírez, the General Manager of FundaFelices, believes the charitable donations will have a lasting impact on the youth, “A child who comes to the classroom and has school supplies translates into a student with better performance and a greater motivation to attend school everyday. That is priceless for us.” In addition, the foundation has completed the construction of a new headquarters for the San Marcelino Champagnat School, a project that will focus on expanding their higher education services.”

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