NBC Right Now recently featured Samark Lopez and his partnership with the Janoko Social Foundation.

“MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / December 22, 2016 / As a native to Delta Amacuro, one of the poorest states in Venezuela, Samark Lopez, CEO of Profit Corporation, knows firsthand the difficulties of living in the region. Dedicated to delivering community services and uplifting Venezuelans, the business leader has partnered with Janoko Social Foundation in an effort to bring positive changes to Tucupita, the capital city of Delta Amacuro and Lopez’s hometown. To begin the partnership, Janoko and Profit Corporation are celebrating the Christmas season by spreading holiday cheer through a series of fairs featuring food, music, and cultural festivities.

The term “Janoko,” which derives from the language used by the indigenous Warao people, means home, community, and meeting place. Through collaboration with Janoko Social Foundation, Samark Lopez is confident that values of caring and community can be spread throughout Venezuela, making the country a better place for its people. The first event of the partnership, an expansive Christmas occasion consisting of myriad celebrations and an ornate midnight Mass (Misa de Gallo) on December 24th, is sure to spread the spirit of the holiday. To commemorate the music of the region, a grand Christmas Parrandón will be held, where small groups will go house-to-house singing carols, or aguinaldos, dancing, and playing classic instruments like the cuatro, maracas, and the furruco. On Christmas Eve, or Noche Buena, families and those less fortunate are encouraged to gather and enjoy a traditional meal of hallacas, pan de jamón, and dulce de lechoza.

Though the holiday festivities will be held exclusively in the capital city of Tucupita, in the near future the Janoko Social Foundation and Profit Corporation will be making beneficial impacts throughout Delta Amacuro State through an assortment of cultural, social, and health initiatives. Together, the two will assist impoverished children across the state with donations to families and schools, further the eradication of malaria by supporting the Malaria Research Center and fumigating mosquito breeding grounds, and, with festivities akin to the Christmas events, return music and dance to the region. Lopez hopes that the partnership, one of the first in Venezuela between a private corporation and charity foundation, propagates a culture of support for local communities, and believes it is a bold step toward achieving progress for the future of the country.

Samark Lopez is an innovative entrepreneur dedicated to making Venezuela a better place. Upon graduating from the Universidad Central de Venezuela in 1999 with a degree in economics, Lopez embraced his childhood dreams of starting his own business and modernizing the country’s infrastructure by founding his first company, Sertica, which renovated plants for the nation’s largest steel manufacture. In 2010, Lopez purchased Profit Corporation, where he leveraged his previous experiences in the design, supply, and implementation of services to build a successful company that employs 800 and has built 250 kilometers of gas and oil pipelines throughout Venezuela.”