Create a Culture of Support and Service for Local Communities

Samark Lopez believes that taking a stand during these times may leave him and his businesses open to criticism and even slander by opposing forces. But it is his obligation to boldly work for progress for the future of Venezuela’s families, her people, and the belief that Venezuela can become a great nation.

I have often asked myself, how do we make Venezuela a better place?  What is the role each of us can play in making an impact in our local communities?  How can one individual make big changes in our country?  How can we mobilize people to make a difference in the world? All Venezuelans must join together to provide service and support for our local communities.

Samark Lopez

Business Leader, Innovator

As the child of two schoolteachers, Lopez knows that spreading knowledge, learning and education is crucial to helping Venezuela achieve more by developing and valuing human talent. In every community he can reach, Lopez promotes sustainable development to improve the quality of life for every child. The country’s future prosperity depends on providing the right conditions for children in rural areas to learn and grow. That is why Lopez – through his philanthropic activities  –  works to develop alliances with governors, mayors and companies to better prepare people for the present and future of the country.  He supports quality training and fosters innovative techniques in education.